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Fountains Direct Limited is based in Surrey UK and supplies garden fountains and home water features to the home & garden market. Fountains Direct Limited sells OASE quality products including OASE Pumps, OASE Filters, Underwater Lighting and all OASE Spare Parts. All are very competitively priced and most of our products come with an extended 5 year warranty at no additional cost. We can supply filtration and watercourse pumps, garden fountains & filters. We sell the complete OASE range - OASE pumps, under water lighting, OASE filters and filtration systems and OASE Spare Parts. We can also supply spare parts for all existing and most old OASE products. To see more detailed information please click on the image below.

OASE Pumps

OASE produce a range of pumps specifically designed for purpose. The Aquamax range of pumps is ideally suited for operating filters and waterfalls and is probably the best well known range. The Aquarius range of fountain pumps offer the pond keeper a reliable submersible pump complete with a wide choice of fountain nozzles. Feature pumps are carefully designed with a built in flow regulator in the strainer basket removing the need to buy extra equipment when running water features.

OASE Pressure Filters

The OASE Filtoclear and OASE Biopress offer the pond keeper two options when choosing a pressure filter. The filtoclear is a well proven, effective filter which, when used in combination with the correctly sized pump, guarantees clear water. Two new filtoclears have recently been introduced to the range for use in larger ponds. The OASE Filtoclear 20000 will filter ponds up to 20000 litres without fish and the OASE Filtoclear 30000 will filter up to 30000 litres without fish. The entry level Biopress Set comes with an optimally matched submersible pump giving the user an easy to set up all in one filtration set.

OASE Vacuums

OASE also make maintenance of the pond easy with the Pondovac range of pond vacuums. Recent improvements in design and their ease of operation have made these a popular and useful tool for the pond keeper. The Pondovac 4 now comes with a powerful 1700 watt motor which allows debris to be collected from as deep as 2.4m. The entry level Pondovac Classic also comes with all relevant accessories and will empty automatically once full. Although not as powerful as the Pondovac 4 this unit is still very effective at vacuuming for the pond and household.

Fountains Direct: Supplier of OASE Pumps, Filters and Spare Parts plus Garden Fountains and Commercial Water Displays in the UK